Schalke 04 Tickets

Schalke 04 tickets provides you with a schedule which you can find below, that contains all the necessary information for you to get the best Schalke 04 tickets and the very best Schalke 04 match experience. Below you will find all the dates of Schalke 04′s matches with a link that leads to the specific Schalke 04 match page. Also you will find a link that will allow you to buy the available Schalke 04 tickets and will help you find the perfect accommodation if you decide to go to a match.

Schalke 04 Tickets schedule

DFB Pokal5-8-2013FC Nottingen vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
110-8-2013Schalke 04 vs Hamburger SVTicketsHotel
217-8-2013VfL Wolfsburg vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
324-8-2013Hannover 96 vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
431-8-2013Schalke 04 vs Bayer LeverkusenTicketsHotel
514-9-2013Mainz 05 vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
621-9-2013Schalke 04 vs Bayern MunichTicketsHotel
728-9-20131899 Hoffenheim vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
85-10-2013Schalke 04 vs FC AugsburgTicketsHotel
919-10-2013Braunschweig vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
1026-10-2013Schalke 04 vs Borussia DortmundTicketsHotel
112-11-2013Hertha BSC vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
129-11-2013Schalke 04 vs Werder BremenTicketsHotel
1323-11-2013Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
1430-11-2013Schalke 04 vs VfB StuttgartTicketsHotel
157-12-2013Bor. Mönchengladbach vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
1614-12-2013Schalke 04 vs SC FreiburgTicketsHotel
1721-12-2013FC Nurnberg vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
1825-1-2014Hamburger SV vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
191-2-2014Schalke 04 vs VfL WolfsburgTicketsHotel
208-2-2014Schalke 04 vs Hannover 96TicketsHotel
2115-2-2014Bayer Leverkusen vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
2222-2-2014Schalke 04 vs Mainz 05TicketsHotel
231-3-2014Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
248-3-2014Schalke 04 vs 1899 HoffenheimTicketsHotel
2515-3-2014FC Augsburg vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
2622-3-2014Schalke 04 vs BraunschweigTicketsHotel
2726-3-2014Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
2829-3-2014Schalke 04 vs Hertha BSCTicketsHotel
295-4-2014Werder Bremen vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
3012-4-2014Schalke 04 vs Eintracht FrankfurtTicketsHotel
3119-4-2014VfB Stuttgart vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
3226-4-2014Schalke 04 vs Bor. MönchengladbachTicketsHotel
333-5-2014SC Freiburg vs Schalke 04TicketsHotel
3410-5-2014Schalke 04 vs FC NurnbergTicketsHotel

* Before ordering your Schalke 04 Tickets always check the exact date and time, postponements are possible due to decissions of the German Football Association.

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